1990: The start

  Jan Olov Melin, Ola Melin and Stig Carlsson start the company with five employees

1994: Strong growth

Large agreement with the world’s leading front loader manufacturer means that we grow strongly and quadruple our turnover.

2001: A fruitful collaboration

2001: A fruitful collaboration

Melin & Carlsson begins cooperation with world-leading side loader manufacturer Hammar Maskin AB.

2012: Generational shift

We are taking a new departure through a generational change under Ola Melin’s leadership, with a focus on growth, product quality and shortened lead times.

2013: Intensified environmental and quality work

We are environmentally certified according to ISO 140001 and introduce welding certification according to ISO 3834-2. In the same year, we build a new test room where we measure the performance of our cylinders

2020: Change of ownership

2020: Change of ownership

Melin & Carlsson gets new owners. Currently owned 75% by Draft Företagsinvest AB, the remaining 25% by Ola Melin.

2021: Tubex acquired

In early 2021, Melin & Carlsson acquires Tubex AB with operations in Tranås and Borås. The acquisition strengthens our range of hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders and telescopic cylinders.

2023: Tubex + E2 Systems

2023: Tubex + E2 Systems

Since the autumn of 2023, both Tubex and E2 Systems are legally part of Melin & Carlsson AB. Our production facilities in Tranås and Borås employ just over 100 people, and the estimated turnover for 2023 is approximately 230 million Swedish kronor.

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