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When our customers evaluate our offer, it is rarely only about product quality in relation to price. Rather, about our understanding of their business situation: how we act to, and solve problems, how quickly we provide feedback and how we handle deviations. In short, about service level, lead times and flexibility. And of course, selection of processes where the best possible technology from an environmental point of view is used.

The basis for a good customer offer is a well-developed quality system. We are constantly working actively with continuous improvements via our own supply chain flow. All to improve our own productivity in order to constantly offer quality improvements and competitive pricing.

Our environmental work is an ongoing process – everything to reduce emissions and minimize waste from our production. We are certified according to ISO 14001.

Märke F 9001+14001-17021
Märke F 9001+14001-17021

Environmental policy

Properties of our products cause environmental impact in connection with the manufacturing process. Environmental impact primarily refers to carbon dioxide emissions through energy consumption, emissions to air and water through the use of raw materials and chemicals, and waste management.

Our environmental work must include the following initiatives:

To comply with legislation and requirements
by monitoring the rules and guidelines that apply at the moment. To meet the requirements of the authorities.

Keywords: Legal compliance

To prevent environmental impact
by using, where applicable, environmentally friendly alternatives in purchasing and manufacturing.

Key words: Interchangeability while maintaining performance

To strengthen our green reputation
through the introduction of environmental certificate ISO 14001. March 2013 with ongoing audits.

To constantly improve our environmental management system
using audit results and relevant improvement projects.

Here you can download our certificate for ISO14001>>

Quality policy

Satisfied customers
Our success depends on satisfied customers. Therefore, we must continuously strive to improve customer satisfaction by meeting and exceeding customer needs and expectations.

Processes in focus
In order for our company to function effectively, we must consider our individual processes as a system based on created added value. The interaction between the various activities and focus on results is the core of our process thinking.

Continuous improvement
In order to create new market opportunities, our employees are expected to actively contribute to achieving the company’s goals. Initiative and commitment are important keywords for us at Melin & Carlsson.

We invest in achieving, maintaining and developing the quality of our goods and services in order to meet the needs of our customers. The company works according to the standards ISO 9001, 14001 and 3834. The standard 4406 is a guide in our work with cleanliness.

Here you can download our certificate for ISO9001>>


In order to meet customers’ requirements for certification of the welding standard, we work according to 3834-2.

In this way, we ensure the quality of our welders’ work. We get a higher control of our welding quality, which both us and our customers can feel safe about.

Here you can download our certificate for ISO3834-2>>

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