Customized cylinders

Melin & Carlsson is a manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders for many purposes. In some cases, it´s suitable to start from a standard hydraulic cylinder. However, in most of the customer projects we participate in, adaptation is required with specific measurements, adapted fixations, or other deviating designs. There may also be requests for options such as damping, sensors or valves.

Experienced OEM manufacturer

Melin & Carlsson has worked for over three decades with an almost endless range of customized solutions and is today one of Sweden’s leading manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders. We deliver hydraulic cylinders to hundreds of OEM customers in many different industries in Sweden as well as abroad. The absolute majority of these are, in collaboration with our customers, adapted to their products.

Competence in many industries

Since a hydraulic cylinder is a vital component in many products, your cylinder manufacturer should have a broad competence in many areas. It may be for vehicle builders, forestry or construction machinery, cleaning equipment, industrial applications, or something completely different. Wherever you are going to use your hydraulic cylinder, the chance is likely that we have experience of what is required of the product within your segment. With our own testing equipment, we also have the opportunity to fatigue test new designs, a valuable capability that provides us with essential answers at an early stage.

Products worldwide

The majority of our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customers are primarily located in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, but since many of them export their products, the end customers are spread all over the world. So, don’t be surprised if you come across cylinders manufactured in Tranås when you are on the other side of the world.

Double-acting hydraulic cylinder from Melin & Carlsson with fork
Hydraulic cylinder – for your needsCustomized cylinders