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– harvester units

Log Max in Grangärde manufactures harvesting units for the forestry industry. It is a requirement that the cylinders that control all movements last. But to become a selected supplier requires more than that.

Log Max harvester units for forestry
Modern logging is a fascinating process that allows no interruptions. But even if sustainability is important, the big challenge is to be able to deliver quickly when it really matters.

“Idleness in the forest becomes extremely expensive, fast”

According to buyer Tobias Eriksson, the collaboration with Melin & Carlsson works so well that he calls the Tranås company “one of our better suppliers overall in terms of flexibility”.

“We don’t have the opportunity to have large stocks. If we receive a large order and need production of 20-30 units with short foresight, flexibility and short lead times are required. To get the business, we have to be able to deliver. Then we have a responsibility to provide spare parts for ten years for all our articles. The big challenge lies in what is not frequent, when there are disturbances in the normal flow.”

In the development phase, R&D support is also important.

“We come up with an idea that the cylinder should do this and that, then Melin & Carlsson help with design and layout. They are the experts!”

Log Max – harvesting unit for forestry

Log Max is owned by Komatsu and has a turnover of just over SEK 300 million.
About 75% is exported, mainly to South and North America and Russia. The buyers are primarily manufacturers of forestry machinery, but as Logmax only manufacture the unit (which is mounted at the front of the crane) they can also sell directly to forestry companies, farmers and contractors.

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