Telescopic cylinders

A telescopic cylinder works in several steps to reach a long stroke with a small built-in dimension. The telescopic cylinder can be manufactured as single-acting or double-acting.

Single acting

Most common are single-acting telescopic cylinders where e.g. the weight of the load carrier creates the reverse movement of the cylinder. The number of steps may vary depending on the application. A common application is tipping cylinders where the cylinder is equipped with a yoke attachment and placed under the load carrier.

Double acting

The telescopic cylinder can also be designed so that it works double-acting. The cylinder can then be fed in different ways depending on the area of ​​use. Compared to a normal hydraulic cylinder, the pulling force is relatively small as the area on the negative side of the steps is limited. Manufacturing double-acting telescopic cylinders therefore requires great precision to obtain low friction while maintaining stability.

Are you looking for telescopic cylinders?

When we at Melin & Carlsson acquired the company Tubex AB in 2021, which specializes in telescopic cylinders, we generally refer requests for these products to our colleagues. Tubex has long experience and a machine range adapted to this type of cylinders.

You as a manufacturer (OEM) with recurring needs can purchase these directly from Tubex in customized batch sizes. If you are looking for standard cylinders for aftermarket or in smaller series, this is handled by our dealers where they are also often on stock for immediate delivery.

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