A large number of our cylinders are used in agriculture. These can be machinery or implements and wagons. But also other types of applications.

The environment for machinery in agriculture can be demanding. A typical environment can be corrosive, dusty, and humid, which places high demands on, among other things, the surface treatment of the cylinders. Tipping cylinders on modern wagons are expected to function flawlessly for a long time. This can involve continuous operation in a dusty environment.

We can offer various types of surface treatments that suit your specific needs. Therefore, we design the cylinders with hard-chromed wear parts or other surface treatments to achieve the expected lifespan.

Examples of cylinders in agriculture

  • Tipping Cylinder
  • Implement Locking Cylinder
  • Actuator Cylinder

Different challenges impose different requirements on your cylinder

Each application needs to be analyzed so that the right components are used for the best performance and, at the same time, at the right cost. What challenges do we face?

  • They can include implements being exposed to aggressive substances such as road salt or fertilizer handling. In such cases, it’s important to know what works.
  • Implements that are frequently switched often have hydraulic locking cylinders. Does the compact solution with dual piston rods in the locking cylinder work best? Or do we have another solution?

We can assist in finding the best solution.

 For tipping trailers in agriculture, the tipping function is controlled by a tipping cylinder
A tipping cylinder that is used, for example, on tipping trailers in agriculture
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