Enough power to move mountains

As well as timber. Or finished goods.

Since 1990, we have built up a high level of expertise about hydraulic systems.

The brief version is that we develop and manufacture hydraulic cylinders for mobile and industrial applications. In real life, our products are used to move everything from soil and timber to grain, waste and finished goods. In short, in any system where force needs to move from one area to another.

Hydraulics specialist

Melin & Carlsson has manufactured hydraulic cylinders for mobile and industrial applications since 1990. The Tranås plant employs some xxx staff and has a turnover of SEK xxx million.

The company specialises in cylinders from 25/16 to 250/125 mm up to approximately 6000 mm stroke.

Business concept

The business concept of Melin & Carlsson is to provide force and to add value for customers in forestry and agriculture, transportation, heavy equipment and manufacturing industry. Using a quality certified manufacturing process with a high degree of automation, we fulfil our customers’ requirements and expectations. Throughout the production chain, from initial concept to delivery of the product, our skilled staff offer hands-on support.

Customer benefits

Precise delivery is a challenge in an industry where short lead times are the norm. By controlling our processes tightly, focusing on quality and improving our tools for forecasting, we stand at the forefront of continuous improvement. The benefit from your cooperation with Melin & Carlsson is clear each time you receive the right cylinder with the right function, delivered at the right time and in the right way.

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