Single-acting hydraulic cylinder

The hydraulic force in a single-acting cylinder is transmitted only in one direction and therefore requires a force in the opposite direction, for example the weight of the load itself or a mechanical spring in order for the cylinder to return to its original position.

In cases where the cylinder only needs to be pulling or pressing, single-acting hydraulic cylinders work excellently. In principle, most versions of double-acting hydraulic cylinders are also available as single-acting by using only one port.

In addition to this, we also manufacture several versions of brake cylinders with a built-in spring. We have a wide range of standard cylinders designed and ready to be implemented. You as a manufacturer (OEM) who have recurring needs can buy these directly from us in custom batch sizes.

If you are looking for standard cylinders for aftermarket or in smaller series, this is handled by our dealers where they are also often on stock for immediate delivery.

Single-acting hydraulic cylinder from Melin & Carlsson
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