Customer case P J Jonsson – mobile stone crushers

PJ Jonsson in Örnsköldsvik is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of mobile stone crushers. The selling point above others is reliability.
Transport of crushed material is expensive in relation to the price of stone. Mobile crushers and sorting plants have many advantages. An advantage is that they are not tied to one location but can be moved between different locations, such as road construction.

“They have to withstand extreme stress”

These people of the district of Ångerman make about 50 complete machines per year, where each machine has a set of up to 18 cylinders. They are used partly to raise and lower the crusher itself during loading, partly to raise, lower or fold in the conveyors that transport the stone fractions to different piles.

“It is an extremely exposed environment – with dust, moisture, vibrations and varying temperatures, plus heavy loads – which means that crushers and conveyors have to withstand extreme stresses.”

That Melin & Carlsson’s cylinders meet those requirements is obvious. Delivery security, nearness and a good dialogue were other criteria’s that led to the trust in 2013 to be responsible for all of P J Jonsson’s cylinder deliveries.

Jonathan Jonsson, co-owner of the family business, notes that the collaboration is going very well.

“Quality for me is that they understand our customer’s situation, have a high delivery reliability and handle any complaints smoothly. In addition, they quickly come to a solution if something out of the ordinary happens. Sometimes unique, product-adapted things may be needed. Then it’s safe with Melin & Carlsson’s competent staff, who can help us with calculations and similar.”

P J Jonsson – mobile stone crushers and sorting plants

Family-owned P J Jonsson in Örnsködsvik has a turnover of almost SEK 300 million on mobile stone crushers and sorting plants, mainly for road construction in Europe. The customers are large contracting companies but also owners of larger mining. Thanks to a close collaboration with Sandvik, they bring their construction machines to the world market.

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