Standard cylinders

Melin & Carlsson are manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders for many purposes. In some cases, customization may be required with options such as damping, sensors and valves – read more about this under customer adapted cylinders. But in many cases it works with a hydraulic cylinder in standard design. We have a wide range of standard cylinders designed and ready to be implemented. You as a manufacturer (OEM) who have recurrent needs can buy these directly from us in custom batches.

If you are looking for standard cylinders for aftermarket or in smaller series, this is handled by our dealers where they are also often on stock for immediate delivery.

Double-acting hydraulic cylinder

A double-acting cylinder is used in all areas where hydraulic power is required in both directions. It operates both pressing and pulling.


Single-acting hydraulic cylinder

In areas where the cylinder only needs to be pulling or pressing, single-acting hydraulic cylinders work excellent.


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