Standard cylinders

Melin & Carlsson are manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders for many purposes. In some cases, customization may be required with options such as damping, sensors and valves – read more about this under customer adapted cylinders. But in many cases it works with a hydraulic cylinder in standard design. We have a wide range of standard cylinders designed and ready to be implemented. You as a manufacturer (OEM) who have recurrent needs can buy these directly from us in custom batches.

A flexible standard range creates endless possibilities.

Our range of standard cylinders allows you, as a customer, to combine various mountings at both ends of the cylinder. Piston rod and barrel can be equipped with the various standard options available in our range and can also be offered in various stroke lengths. This enables us to deliver high-quality hydraulic and telescopic cylinders in a multitude of combinations.

Single-acting hydraulic cylinder

In areas where the cylinder only needs to be pulling or pressing, single-acting hydraulic cylinders work excellent.

Double-acting hydraulic cylinder

A double-acting cylinder is used in all areas where hydraulic power is required in both directions. It operates both pressing and pulling.

Telescopic cyliders

We provide both double-acting and single-acting telescopic cylinders.

Hydraulic cylinder – for your needsStandard cylinders