Standard cylinders

Melin & Carlsson manufactures many different variants of hydraulic cylinders. Our hydraulic cylinders can be customised in many different ways to better suit your requirements but it often works well with a standard cylinder.
Dubbelverkande standardcylinder från Melin & Carlsson

Double acting cylinders

Double acting hydraulic cylinders make up the major share of our output. They are used in applications where force is needed in both directions. These are used for retraction as well as extension. Spherical rod eye is the most common mounting option but we manufacture cylinders with any fastener such as rod ends, flanges or clevises.

Single acting cylinders

In applications where the cylinder only needs to pull or push in one direction, a single acting cylinder is the ideal choice.

The hydraulic power only works in one direction, so this design requires a force in the opposite direction, for instance the weight of a load, to return the piston to its starting position.

Hydraulic cylinder – for your needsStandard cylinders