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Cylinders with options

We manufacture hydraulic cylinders for a wide range of applications. In some cases, customized cylinders may also be required with options such as position sensors, cushioning or with different types of valves.

Position sensing cylinders

Position sensors are used when there is a requirement to know the exact position of the piston inside the cylinder. The linear sensors are built into the assembly. Inductive sensors are used to signal when the piston is at the bottom or the top position.

Hydraulic cylinders with cushions

For some applications cushioning may be desired for deceleration at the end positions of the cylinder. Cushioning is available on the pushing as well as the pulling stroke, avoiding hard impact.

Hydraulic cylinders with different types of valves

For additional safety when handling heavy loads, many types of hydraulic cylinders have valve functionality. We use pilot operated check valves, overcenter valves and safety break-away couplings. Valves can be internal or external.

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